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Have you ever had to deal with plumbers or the cable guy or anyone else you invite into your home giving you an appointment window like 11 AM to 2 PM? At Top Range Technologies we think that is ridiculous. What kind of estimate is that? So they’ll just show up at some point during the day? Maybe?

What can be even worse is when these people don’t even show. After you’ve cleared your whole day in order to accommodate, these service people, they simply don’t show up; showing complete disregard for your time. Often this occurs without even a call as a courtesy to you their customer.

This absolutely preposterous circumstance is largely due to a model used by many service businesses. They pack in as many calls as they can in a day and just hope they get to them all. It’s about maximizing money and minimizing time. At Top Range Technologies this is not our approach.

Here at Top Range Technologies the customer is the most important thing. We choose times that work for our customers. We want the time to be convenient for you. We give appointment times not huge appointment windows.