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With computers becoming ever more relevant in today’s society the information on them becomes increasingly important. A lot of businesses rely heavily on computer data, and people can even go to jail for stealing data. In the modern age data is becoming incredibly valuable. We don’t need computers to know the value of data either. A ticket to the amusement park costs twenty bucks or so but the memories of your first time there are priceless.

Just like our precious memories, data is irreplaceable. Photos, text documents, and spreadsheets are all irreplaceable – barring a photographic memory – and yet people put these files at risk of being lost constantly. They are saved onto hard drives and every hard drive has a limited life-span. Just like people eventually need to buy new shoes, a hard drive will eventually need to be replaced. In addition to their inevitable doom from wear, there are coffee spills and other unfortunate accidents to consider.

This problem is not without a solution, however, and it’s not some sort of secret. Remember the amusement park ticket from earlier? What do you do when you forget your ticket and you’re waiting online? You pull up your email on your smart phone and have you scan the digital copy they emailed you. Now why not apply that to the rest of your data? Back everything up. Here at Top Range Technologies we offer a service called Carbonite. Rather than just keeping your data stored on just your computer, Carbonite will store it on their servers as well. The user just sets how often they would like their data backed up and then they never need to touch it. With Carbonite you can make all of your data immortal. Even if the entirety of your computer is thrown into a pool of molten metal like the end of a terminator movie, your data can be reincarnated into a new computer. With all your data backed up online, you can just get a new computer and download your old files.

As a society we buy phone cases and wear seat belts, but are for some reason hesitant to use data backup services without first experiencing the tragedy of a hard-drive failure. We as a people need to change our thinking. The world needs to be prepared for data loss. You don’t need to wait for the world to change, however. The solution is here now, and we’re ready to provide it.



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