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If you run a business today, security is essential to making sure you protect your company and your customers. However, there are various aspects to consider, and you need to use the best methods available to you to ensure you are using proven measures. So implement the following security features to prevent disasters from happening in your company:

1. Endpoint Management

In today’s world, you have many devices from all of your users on your network. And you need to be able to keep up with increasing user expectations. With the right software suite, you can manage all of this in one place.

With endpoint management, you can see all of the devices that are connected to your network at a glance. Some endpoint management products, like Ivanti’s endpoint management tool, offer a mobile app to make this easier. You can also integrate these actions with your other IT solutions, making it easier and less expensive to combine your data, web, and security protocols in one place.

2. Network Monitoring

Your website is running on multiple servers in a room, and sometimes all over the world. If you are managing your own servers, then you need to protect their network. They are all connected, and if one computer gets infected, it could spread to the rest of the network.

Hackers will achieve this by hacking into your network over wifi with special data cards and wifi antennas. If you have network monitoring tools set up (like top-performing Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor), you can detect weird activity right when it starts. You can even have certain alarms that go off and alert your security team to shut things down or kick the attacker off the network. This can mean the difference between an effective security wall or having all of your data stolen.

3. Firewalls

Network tools are crucial, but you can also prevent many attacks with firewalls. These are security devices that happen at the lower TCP / IP level of your network layers. It prevents certain types of attacks from even being possible because the code needed to enact them cannot pass these walls in the first place. It is like the difference between a security system or a physical fence around your property. Some of this year’s best free firewalls include ZoneAlarm and GlassWire.

4. Anti-Phishing Barriers

Phishing is no joke. Emails can contain code that is executed when a user clicks on it and allows hackers to hijack your system. By preventing links from opening within your website’s email extensions for certain users, you can protect yourself from this threat.

When it comes to security, there is not just one thing you have to worry about. Your network needs to be protected from all sides. This ensures that your customers or your employees don’t have their information stolen and your company’s data cannot be held for ransom. Top Range Tech offers a complete computer solutions package for small- and medium-sized businesses. Our business package includes emergency repair, preventive maintenance, computer health monitoring, remote service, unlimited online back, etc for one low monthly price. Contact us today for more information!

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