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As part of the digital world we’re all familiar with viruses and scams of different sorts. Most people have gotten some “Nigerian prince” Esq emails or had their computer cluttered with spyware. Recently, however, I heard of a hacker scheme I’d never heard of before, so I thought I would share it with all of you. Whether you’re cautious or looking to be amused I urge you to grab a seat and listen.

Now I’ve just heard about this scam recently but I’m told it’s been around for some time. It begins with something I personally wouldn’t typically associate with computers and that’s a phone number. a message is shown to the user saying they must call this number to have a virus removed.

Let me walk you through a few screen shots of  this scam.

Something to take note of with any scam is their use of English. A lot of viruses are made in places where English is a second language. If you’ve grown up speaking American English you’ll usually see the issues with the syntax right off. If you don’t see anything wrong with the above text try reading it aloud. Mainly it boils down to strange word choice. For example: in the first line they use “try” rather than “attempt” and it’s not that “try” is wrong but it quite doesn’t sound right.